Research interests

  • Model-driven software engineering
  • Software variability and dynamic adaptive systems
  • Resource-constrained distributed software for embedded and microcontroller based systems.
  • Aspect-oriented modeling and model composition
  • Meta-modeling, modeling languages and domain specific languages
  • Model transformation validation and testing
  • Automated test generation and fault localization

Current Projects and collaborations

  • HEADS (2013-2016) : Heterogeneous and Distributed Services for the Future Computing Continuum . EU FP7 Project.
  • DIVERSIFY (2013-2016) : Diversity as the foundation for a novel software design principle . EU FP7 FET Project.

Past Projects and collaborations

  • CORBYS (2012-2014) : Cognitive Control Framework for Robotic Systems. EU FP7 Integrated Project.
  • Broker@Cloud (2012-2016) : Enabling Continuous Quality Assurance and Optimization in Future Enterprise Cloud Service Brokers. EU FP7 STREP Project.
  • MODERATES (2010-2013) : Model Driven Engineering for Adaptive Internet of Things. SINTEF ICT Strategic Project (SISP).
  • ENVIROFI (2011-2013) : The Environmental Observation Web and its Service Applications within the Future Internet. European project - IP- 7th Framework Program (Future Internet Public-Private-Partnership).
  • VERDE (2009-2012) : VERification-oriented and component-based model-Driven Engineering for real-time embedded systems. Europen project - ITEA.
  • DiVA (2008-2011) : Dynamic Variability in complex, Adaptive systems. European project - STREP - 7th Framework Program.
  • MoSIS (2008-2011) : Model-driven development of highly configurable embedded Software-intensive Systems. European project - ITEA.
  • CESAR (2009-2010) : Cost-efficient methods and processes for safety relevant embedded systems, funded project from ARTEMIS JOINT UNDERTAKING (JU).
  • Collaboration with Robert France and Sudipto Ghosh from Colorado State University (CSU) on aspect-oriented modeling and model transformation testing in the context of the MATT program. Three one-month stays at CSU (Fort Collins, CO) during summer 2005, summer 2006 and October 2007.
  • ARTIST European network of excellence on embedded systems design (2005). (see
  • CARROLL/MUTATION project (between INRIA, CEA and Thalès) on test generation from requirements models (2004). (see

Tutorials, Lectures and Presentations

  • [PDF] A Model-Driven Approach to Develop Adaptive Firmwares. SEAMS 2011, Hawaii (May 2011)
  • [PDF] Tutorial on Model-Drivel Language Engineering in DSL1 tutorial track at MODELS'10 in Oslo, Norway (October 2010)
  • Tutorial on Model-Drivel Language Engineering at MODELS'09 in Denver, Colorado (October 2009)
  • [PDF] Lecturer at the SSAIE Summer School (June 2009)
  • [PDF] Invited to the AOM at Bellairs workshop (March 2009)
  • Seminar on variability and adaptation modeling at University of Nice (February 2009)
  • [PDF] Seminar on Model-Driven Approach for Managing Dynamic Variability at University of Luxembourg (December 2008)
  • Tutorial on Model-Drivel Language Engineering at MoDELS'08 in Toulouse, France (October 2008)
  • Seminar on Model-Driven Engineering with Kermeta at Simula Research Laboratory, Oslo, Norway (October 2008)
  • Tutorial on Model-Drivel Language Engineering at ICSE'08 in Leipzig, Germany (September 2008)
  • [PDF] Presentation on Model-Driven Software Migration at Colorado State University (October 2007)
  • Opening presentation at the second Kermeta workshop in Rennes (October 2006)
  • Seminar on the Kermeta platform at university of Montpellier (March 2006)
  • Seminar on the Kermeta language at Colorado State University (July 2005)
  • Seminar on model transformation testing at university of Mulhouse (March 2005)


  • PC Member for the NIER track at the ICSE 2014 conference.
  • PC member for the ICST 2013 conference.
  • PC member for the ICECCS 2012 conference.
  • PC member for the VOLT 2012 workshop co-located with ICST 2012.
  • PC member for the CIEL 2012 conference.
  • PC member for the ICECCS 2011 conference.
  • PC member for the ECMFA 2011 conference.
  • PC member for the IDM 2011 conference.
  • PC member for the 4th International Workshop on Multi-Paradigm Modeling - MPM'10
  • Co-organizer of the 5th Models@Runtime workshop.
  • PC member for the 5th Models@Runtime workshop.
  • PC member for the MODELS'10 conference.
  • International publicity chair for the MODELS'10 conference.
  • Invited at the 2nd AOM at Bellairs workshop (April 2010).
  • PC member for the MODELS'09 conference.
  • PC member for the 14th AOM workshop associated with MODELS'09.
  • PC member for the Models@Runtime'09 workshop associated with MODELS'09.
  • PC member for the 13th AOM workshop associated with AOSD'09.
  • PC member for the MODEVVA'08 workshop associated with ICST'08.
  • PC member for the AOM'08 workshop associated with AOSD'08.
  • Co-organizer of the 2nd and 3rd Kermeta Workshops in Rennes.
  • PC member for the MODEVVA'07 workshop associated with MoDELS'07.
  • PC member for the workshops MP'2006 and SéMo'2007 associated with the IDM French conference.
  • Member of the local organizing staff for the SPLC 2005 conference.
  • Member of the organizing staff and publication co-chair for the ISSRE 2004 conference.
  • Reviewer for a number of national and international conferences including: SPLC'09, MODELS'08, ICSE'08, ICST'08, MODELS’O7, GPCE'07, CBSE'07, ISSRE’06, MODELS’O6, LMO’06, ECOOP’05, MODELS’05, ISSRE’05, IDM’05, ICSE’04, AFADL’04, ISSRE’04 and ISSRE’03.
  • Reviewer for the Software and Systems Modeling (SoSyM) journal.
  • Reviewer for the IEEE Computer journal.
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Software Testing Verification, Validation and Reliability (STVR)


Po. Box 124 Blindern,
0314 Oslo