I am currently a full time research scientist at SINTEF in Oslo, Norway. I work on several research projects on model-driven engineering, dynamic adaptive systems and embedded systems.
In 2007 I spent one year in the Sodifrance company located in Nantes, France. Sodifrance is an IT Services Company specialized in IT Modernization and, in this context, my research topic was model based regression testing.
I completed my PhD in October 2006 in the Triskell project at IRISA (France). The research domain of the Triskell project is the reliable and efficient design of software product lines by assembling software components described by models.

Research interests

  • Model-driven software engineering
  • Software variability and dynamic adaptive systems
  • Resource-constrained distributed software for embedded and microcontroller based systems.
  • Aspect-oriented modeling and model composition
  • Meta-modeling, modeling languages and domain specific languages
  • Model transformation validation and testing
  • Automated test generation and fault localization

All my publications are available here

Development activities

I am currently involved in the development of the ThingML language and tools which aims at providing a productive model-based development environment suited to simulate and generate code for resource constrained systems based on low-power microcontrollers. ThingML produces code from architecture models, state machine models and an action language which can be executed on 8bits microcontrollers with just a few kilobytes of memory.

I have also been the initial architects of Kermeta. Kermeta is a meta-programming environment based on an object-oriented domain specific language optimized for meta-model engineering.

In addition to Kermeta, I have been involved in the development of several other research prototypes and tools.

Random things

My hobbies include photography, electronics, robotics and scuba diving. Some of my electronics projects and a collection of under-water photos are presented on my personal weblog (mainly in french).

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